COVID-19: From Chaos To Cure Tablet

As this is my first book, it was a curious thing to discover that 1) a book is just a marketing tool for additional goals, and 2) the title is a 5-word haiku that captures the essence of what it’s about in a very short space. It could even be a single word.

Credit to Tucker Max’s to make things so brutally straightforward – from facing your worst fears to what are the seven kinds of editors.

The original working title was ‘The Biology of a Pandemic’, later modified to be more true to its topic, ‘The Biotechnology of a Pandemic’. When I told my spouse the goal was to explain to a worried layperson (i.e. non-expert person who may have studied biology in high school) reasons to calm down having now a better understanding of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines, she suggested the title “Calm Down, It’s Just a Pandemic”.

Talking with my sister a few weeks ago, we worked on it together and came up with the current iteration “Coronavirus: From Chaos to Cure”, and will continue to roll ideas around.

Soliciting ideas over Facebook last week was a lot of fun, as 1) I haven’t used Facebook in literally YEARS and was very close to deleting the account at that time a few years ago. Glad I didn’t as several from my long, long-ago past (friends from my high school and college days in California) have engaged, as well as others who I don’t normally interact with.

Looking over my list, there are war analogies (“The Coronavirus War”, “War Against an Invisible Enemy”) and fun ones (“World War C”, “I Did Not Study Biology to Save the World”, “Coronavirus Calm”).

The current subtitle (also subject to change) is this: The biotechnology battling SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 through diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

I’m putting all this down here as a marker; if the title up at the top of this page, and the subtitle change over time, well you know what just happened. You are welcome to send me any ideas you may have!

All the best –