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    Interested in the biology of COVID-19?

    COVID-19: From Chaos To Cure

    Looking for information about the key elements in the ongoing war against the COVID-19 pandemic? Genomics industry expert Dale Yuzuki breaks down COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines in this work written for the non-expert. Read on, and feel reassured that all of the activity going on “behind the scenes” will put a final end to the pandemic upending the lives of everyone.

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Three Key Fronts

Weapons in the fight against COVID-19

From the discovery of the structure of DNA to the invention of PCR and its application to diagnostics, the detection of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is paramount.
With a clear explanation of the strengths and limitations of current treatment, emerging approaches (and a few alternative ones) being currently tested are covered in detail.
Widely accepted as the key element to ending this worldwide scourge, the existing front-running candidates along with all the varied approaches to produce an immune response are presented.
COVID Diagnostic Testing laboratory worker
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This book from genomics industry expert Dale Yuzuki breaks down diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines from an insider’s perspective written for the non-expert. You will get the needed context to put all the biomedical advances continually reported on into perspective, and feel reassured that all the activity that is going on “behind the scenes” will finally put an end to the pandemic that is upending the lives of everyone.

Detailing the biotechnology revolution and why the 21-century has been called "The Century of Biology", you will come away with a deeper appreciation for the insights generated and the underlying tools biomedical researchers use to tackle a worldwide pandemic that has already claimed the lives of over a million people.

Sharing insights from the latest discoveries and extensively annotated, COVID-19: From Chaos To Cure sheds light on the ongoing fight and foresees the end to this worldwide scourge.

Curious to see how this war will ultimately end?

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Chapter 1

The beginning

The Humility of Science

II knew that going back to graduate school after a few years of full-time work was going to be difficult, but I hadn’t thought it would be this tough. I faced the pressures of time, of opportunities lost, of finances, and of living like a hermit, not to mention the nature of a competitive program where I wanted to show myself as worthy of that degree.

It was another late night in the laboratory for me. It was 1989, and I was heading back downstairs into a well-lit basement with benches crowded with devices (power supplies, acrylic boxes of various sizes, and sleeves of clear plastic Petri dishes). No one else was there at 2:30 a.m.

I had bicycled back to the lab earlier in the evening, pulled a few plates from the fridge labeled Amp+ which I had prepared the day before, lit the Bunsen burner, and dipped the bent glass rod into a dish of alcohol to sterilize it. Spinning the plastic plate on a rotating device, tube after tube of transformed E. coli spread out, and then they went off to the 37°C incubator.

Entire Chapter 1
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About me

COVID-19: From Chaos To Cure

With 20 years of life science industry experience across research and clinical markets, Dale Yuzuki is a well-known thought-leader in genomics and the author of The Next Generation Technologist blog. He has graduate degrees from UCLA and SFSU, and has worked for several leading companies in genetics, including Illumina and Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Dale Yuzuki


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